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What is the Football Pools?
About the Football Pools

The Football pools are based on finding fixtures that will end in a high score draw.

Prize Funds

The Football pools has a jackpot of £3 million. Prizes are also paid for our Full Time Pool and Half Time Pool.

Top Prize

You could potentially win a share £3 million if the goals in those 8 fixtures add up to 40 or more goals.


The matches on the coupons are pre-selected with Super Syndicate using different permutations of ten fixtures from the list of matches.


The football matches are taken from a range of countries that are playing that week, with Super Syndicate using the Saturday weekly Classic football pools coupon.


Syndicates can improve your odds of winning or reduce the cost of playing. Super Syndicate limits number of members in our syndicate to improve your chances!

What our members say...

Very well organised, it's a really good syndicate.

Adam Lane - Newquay

I remember the football pools from years ago and its great to be part of a big syndicate.

Alf Brown - Sunderland

Very easy to join and exciting waiting for the results.

Dean Moon - Chester